Harris Broadcast Expands Market Access to IP Convergence Selenio Platform

Harris Broadcast introduced its next-generation Selenio IP media convergence platform – fueling operational efficiencies for broadcasters and media organizations that want the comprehensive on-air and signal transport capabilities of Selenio in a smaller, cost-efficient package. Selenio MCP1 expands the platform’s value proposition of architecting, managing and monitoring broadcast and media infrastructures to a wider customer base.

“Selenio MCP1 is an extension of an award-winning platform that simplifies ongoing use and real estate challenges for less labor-intensive operations,” said Mark Senecal, senior product manager, Harris Broadcast. “Importantly, it retains the original vision of Selenio, which is to address how IP interconnects to legacy video and audio applications. Like its predecessor, Selenio MCP1 provides our customers with an all-inclusive infrastructure and headend solution for many needs today — as well as built-in, forward-looking IP capabilities for an industry in transition.”

The original Selenio media convergence platform broke barriers as an all-in-one, 3RU signal compression, networking and processing solution – addressing baseband video, audio and IP-based content. The next-generation platform delivers the same capabilities in a compact 1RU package – a more than 50 percent reduction in rack space.

Selenio MCP1 is especially targeted for customers with less complex operational requirements, including low channel counts. It shares the same core functionality as the 3RU version, but is customizable to user requirements and pre-configured upon delivery. This allows customers to select the chassis and application modules to suit their needs in advance. Built-in network redundancy provides automatic failover to backup signal paths, maximizing protection in on-air and live networking environments.

Harris Broadcast will continue to sell and evolve its traditional 3RU Selenio platform for customers with medium to large-scale needs, from multi-channel over-the-air signal encoding to IP and baseband video/audio processing in the plant.

Selenio MCP1 is particularly useful for live signal contribution over IP, telco and satellite links where users can reliably transmit and monitor single- and dual-channel streams in both directions with hitless protection. This is especially ideal for content providers, TV stations and broadcast networks that want to support bi-directional networking applications in a single unit without comprising video and audio quality. Furthermore, it retains the flexibility of the original Selenio platform by allowing customers to marry important signal processing tasks – such as up, down and cross-conversion – with contribution-related encoding capabilities in the same compact frame.





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