HIERO 1.0v2 Now Available

The Foundry’s new shot management, conform and review timeline for VFX becomes more streamlined with new feature additions, efficiency updates and plenty of bug fixes.

What’s new in HIERO 1.0v2?

*  3:2 Pulldown management – Easily convert timelines between frame rates (30 to 24 fps), with 3:2 Pulldown capabilities.
*  Audio Export – Parcel out shots and sequences with audio thanks to new Audio Export functionality. Send per shot audio file snippets to VFX artists enabling greater context to edits.
*   Text Burn-ins for export – New Burn-in Gizmo let’s you name and embed clip metadata before exporting for review. Easily identify versions when reviewing and sharing with VFX artists.
*   Viewer compare workflow improvements – Side-by-side shot comparison is now faster and more simple thanks to A/B compare improvements, reducing the number of clicks required to compare your shots.

HIERO 1.0v2 Release Notes




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