High Frame Rate 3D Digital Cinema at Kino Expo 2011

New digital cinema exhibition technology – Digital 3D cinema exhibition with rates of 48 and 60 frames per second – was presented within the Kino Expo International Convention and Trade Fair in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on September 13, 2011. The event was organized by the Nevafilm company. Doremi Cinema playback technologies were used for the event, among other cinema solutions from RealD and Christie Digital.

High frame rate 3D digital cinema technology was presented for the first time in Russia and the CIS. The event was of high interest to the public.
The high frame rate 3D material was provided by Lightstorm and the presentation was animated by Jon Landau, producer of Avatar and Titanic. Jon described the main principles of this new high frame rate technique and explained why 24 fps was taken as standard. “It is the minimum rate needed for smooth film motion and cost-efficiency for studios. For film-based workflow, the higher frame rate would lead to a rise in the cost of film, doubling the budget for film. But we live in a digital era now, where cinemas utilize small hard discs or electronic downloads instead of bulky film reels. So there is no obstacle to move to 60 fps. Moreover, cameras are ready for shooting at such rates. All you need is to update the software of the Series II digital projectors already installed in the majority of cinemas and use cinema servers able to support high frame rates.”
The equipment included Doremi Cinema Integrated Media Blocks (IMBs) with ShowVault storage, Christie DLP Cinema® projectors, a RealD 3D system and a Harkness Hall silver screen. Short movies, produced specially for this presentation, were screened with new frame rates: 24 fps turned to 48 fps, and then 48 fps turned to 60 fps.





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