High Output LED Field Lighting Solution by Litepanels and Anton/Bauer

Litepanels is pleased to announce the Hilio™/HC Field Lighting Package. This package is designed to provide the Hilio’s high output daylight balanced illumination with a convenient and portable DC power system from Anton/Bauer for ultimate mobility. Portable and high output, this field lighting solution kicks off with special pricing of 30% off when purchased through authorized dealers.

Litepanels Hilio is a small-footprint LED fixture capable of emitting daylight-balanced illumination over a 20-25′ (6.1-7.6m) distance without requiring a ballast. It offers the advantages of an HMI lighting fixture, utilizing only a fraction of the power. The Hilio generates almost no heat, and may be dimmed manually or via DMX from 100% to zero with no noticeable change in color temperature.

Along with one Hilio fixture, this portable lighting package includes a complement of Anton/Bauer’s portable power solutions to go beyond the limitations of AC power. When DC power is essential, the Anton/Bauer QRC-Hilio Gold Mount® battery adapter plate allows for two Anton/Bauer batteries to be snapped onto the back of the Hilio fixture. As an added benefit, Anton/Bauer’s integrated hot swap feature provides uninterrupted lighting throughout the production day.

The portable field lighting package also includes two DIONIC® HC batteries. The Li-Ion Batteries have no travel restrictions. DIONIC HCs are capable of delivering up to 10 amps of continuous draw—ideal for powering the Hilio. A pair of 91 Watt-hour DIONIC HCs can operate the 115-Watt Hilio at full output continuously for nearly two hours.

To recharge the DIONIC HC batteries, the Hilio/HC Field lighting package includes Anton/Bauer’s lightweight and compact TWIN charger. It offers the same proprietary state-of-the-art charge termination techniques of all Anton/Bauer InterActive Chargers and the high impact composite housing is ideal for travel because it will stand up to the most rugged use.





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