IDX Give The AJA Ki Pro Mini V-Mount Connection

The A-E2KPm is designed to securely house the Ki Pro Mini and mount conveniently to an ENG camera V-Mount connection.

Incorporating an integral P-V2 plate, it allows direct attachment of IDX 14.4V V-Mount Lithium Ion batteries to provide power to both the Ki Pro Mini and the camera simultaneously.  The A-E2KPm provides a discreet 4-pin XLR cable to pickup power from the battery and slot into the XLR power terminal at the base of the Ki Pro Mini.  A 2-pin D-Tap connector is located on the side of the P-V2 to supply DC power directly from the attached battery to an on-board camera light or any other DC operated accessory.

The portability and small form factor of the Ki Pro Mini, together with the ability to mount directly on the camera via the A-E2KPm, allows it to be used in both studio and outdoor locations.  The rugged exterior and slim profile of the A-E2KPm provides secure housing while a hinged top hood offers protection to the flash card slots and LCD panel in outdoor weather conditions, allowing the operator to easily insert or remove media without removing the unit from the enclosure.  Even when housed, the A-E2KPm provides full access to the Ki Pro Mini’s audio and HD/SDI video input and output sockets.


The A-E2KPm can also be mounted directly on IDX’s Shoulder Stabilisation System, without the use of 3rd party rod or rail mounting systems.  It can simply be slotted to the chosen P-V series plate at the rear of the A-CA74E Shoulder Adaptor and powered using an attached IDX 14.4V V-Mount Li-ion battery.




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