Imagine Communications Delivers Groundbreaking Advancements in Integrated Playout

Imagine Communications announced the availability of Versio™ 3.0, the latest innovative release of the company’s market-proven, cloud-capable integrated channel playout solution. Providing all playout functions and features entirely in software, Versio 3.0 will be demonstrated at the IBC2015 exhibition and conference in Amsterdam.


Versio gives media and entertainment companies the ability to accelerate the launch of new services, such as specialty and popup channels, ensure business continuity, reduce infrastructure costs and virtualize master control.  It is highly adaptable to a wide variety of deployment models, enabling consistent operation across baseband, hybrid IP, and virtualized, cloud-based networks.

“Our expanded investments in playout technology, coupled with our historic leadership and strength in automation, branding, graphics, file servers, and master control, have elevated Versio to state-of-the-art status in integrated channel playout,” said Tim Mendoza, Vice President Playout Product Management, Imagine Communications. “Our customers are seeking a solution that will thrive in all operational environments. Versio 3.0 provides a comprehensive, any-to-any playout architecture in COTS hardware, board and bundle, and virtualized models.  With one code base and one user interface — regardless of input and output or network type — Versio 3.0 delivers unprecedented investment protection.”


The latest release of Versio supports multiple industry breakthroughs:


  • 100% software-based
  • Widest range of operating options, from premises-based COTS servers to cloud-based virtual machines, including a traditional integrated playout appliance model
  • Baseband, IP-only, baseband and IP, and cloud (VersioCloud™) deployment models
  • Software-only graphics with 2x2D DVE
  • Support for both internal and external automation
  • Integration with Imagine Communications’ award-winning Nexio® Farad™ SAN solution, as well as third-party SANs and industry standard NAS offerings
  • Any-to-any transport, including compressed or uncompressed IP (2022-6) and SDI/baseband


The 3.0 release of Versio also marks the introduction of the Versio MCS, an optional intuitive touchscreen-based master control surface.  The Versio MCS feature brings new efficiencies to master control, enabling operators to manage Versio’s advanced switching, graphics and automation capabilities with a simple touch of a button in a single or multichannel environment. The new control surface also enables advanced levels of user interface customization. Media companies can now optimize their control surfaces for specific requirements and use cases.


Versio 3.0 also brings the following capabilities to integrated playout operations:



  • The Zenium™ workflow management platform, which provides an agile software engine for designing, deploying and managing extensible, customizable software-defined workflows
  • Component-based architecture, enabling faster, easier access to new technologies and precise, flexible control of workflows
  • Automated decision making for self-adapting workflows
  • Full operational transparency to easily identify bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, and predict and manage operating costs


In April 2015, Disney/ABC Television Group announced the transition of its linear broadcast operations —including global programming playout, delivery and network operations — to a unified IP cloud architecture based upon the Versio solution.


The cloud-deployed version of Versio 3.0 has been shortlisted for CSI Magazine’s CSI Award for Best Cloud / Virtualisation Innovation and for the IABM’s Design and Innovation Award for Playout and Delivery Systems.  Winners of both prestigious awards will be announced during IBC2015.


Versio 3.0 is currently available and shipping.




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