Imagine Communications Introduces Landmark xG Open for Programmatic Advertising

Imagine Communications announced the expansion of its advertising management solution portfolio with Landmark xG Open™, a new, open API-based solution.  Landmark xG Open allows media companies to participate in sales via programmatic exchanges, optimizing and automating the sales process necessary for advertising marketplaces.

Landmark xG Open enables broadcasters, networks, media companies and advertising agencies worldwide to streamline the advertising buy-sell process and support overall campaign stewardship with near real-time performance feedback to the buyer. This new solution, which was be previewed at IBC2015, provides direct connections between advertising buyers and sellers, facilitating the sale of advertising inventory with analytics-based metrics.  Imagine Communications’ open-API approach creates new revenue streams by helping sellers expose inventory to buyers they would not normally be able to reach.


“The inherent value of programmatic advertising for sellers is buried beneath the debate about pricing,” said Steve Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer, Imagine Communications.  ”By leveraging the expertise that we have with both our agency buy-side systems and our global penetration with sell-side systems, we are breaking new ground by recognizing what will help the omniplatform advertising ecosystem: automating and simplifying the overall management of advertising campaigns.”

The Landmark xG Open  API, or application programming interface, is compatible with multiple advertising exchanges for network, local, cable, radio, digital and on-demand. The solution automates proposals and sales transactions, leveraging data-driven decision making provided by business and external data.  Built on the industry-standard SMPTE-2021 BXF (Broadcast eXchange Format) framework, the API enables media companies to easily work with advertising marketplaces, with the schema available to all third-party vendors for integration.

“Programmatic within the television ecosystem is still nascent,” continued Reynolds.  “Thus, there are a number of ways that we believe automating transactions will increase the efficiencies and profitability for media buyers and sellers that need an open approach.  Landmark xG Open enables our clients to experiment with and leverage this new sales channel.”

Landmark xG Open tightly integrates with Imagine Communications’  family of advertising management products to incorporate business rules to manage local requirements and sales practices.  The open system is also available for licensing by all third parties to standardize programmatic transactions.

Many advertising exchanges are built on proprietary, transactional technology that limits participation.  These closed exchanges apply an “ad tax,” or processing fee, for each transaction, raising costs and reducing the rate of return.  The Landmark xG Open API dramatically increases the efficiency of the overall buy-sell process with a simple software license that enables the generation of new revenue without having to incur incremental fees.

“Imagine Communications is  spearheading the charge for open communications using industry standards and a common language for all exchanges, without requiring customers to lock into a specific exchange or trading methodology,” said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications.   “Market pressures continue to mandate increased profitability and expense reduction.  Landmark xG Open enables customers to investigate and participate in all marketplaces.”





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