Industry’s First Transformable Camera Jib

Digital Juice announced the release of the Gemini Dual-Action Jib. This lightweight telescoping camera jib system offers you an elegant, portable, dual-purpose solution that allows you to operate your camera and direct jib motion from either the front or back of the jib. This dual-action flexibility allows you to customize each shot to your production’s needs and to your own shooting style. The telescopic design of the unit allows for shots from as high as 12 feet while still collapsing to a portable travel and storage size of just 49″.

Constructed of black electro-coat high-strength aluminum and stainless steel, the Gemini Dual-Action Jib is an attractive, sturdy yet lightweight addition to your gear arsenal. “The versatility of shooting with a jib allows you to raise your camera above the crowd, take sweeping ground-level shots and provide your viewers with a different perspective,” says Viv Beason, President of Digital Juice.
Gemini 2

In its standard configuration, with camera cradle attached, the jib can handle a camera payload from 10-25 pounds, depending on the length of the jib arm extension. With the fluid head adapter attached for front-of-jib operation, the total capacity of ball head and camera is in the range of 11-20 pounds. This provides a wide range of possibilities for DSLR and small to mid-size cameras shooting on location or in the studio.
Using the standard camera cradle, operators can reposition the jib’s tie-rod to in one of three positions to allow for three different style shots. Set the control rod to normal, to lock the cameras tilt to the desired inclination throughout the move. Or, move the control rod to the fixed position, to force the camera lens to stay locked throughout the jib’s vertical arch. Manual movement allows the operator to lock down the camera at any position or allows for the operator to decide what the camera sees while it dips and sweeps.

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“For even more creative options, the Gemini Jib can be transformed into a front operated system,” says Beason. “Just attach the included fluid head adapter, mount your tripod head to it, and move the jib’s control rod to the center position on the jib’s base. Now you can move the jib arm while simultaneously panning or tilting the camera to achieve those free floating Steadicam-style stabilizer shots, but without the cost. You can also add even more complex motion to your footage by using the Gemini Jib in conjunction with the Digital Juice Orbit Dolly FlexTrac & Wheel System or Caster Wheels.”

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight design makes it quick and easy to transport, setup and breakdown on location or in the studio
  • Dual-action capability using the included camera cradle and fluid head mount allows the operator to control camera and jib movement from either the back or front of the jib
  • Telescopic jib and weight bars take up less space for travel, storage and use in tight spaces, but can still reach heights of 12′ at full extension
  • Full range of accessories including a Mounting Stand, Setup Stand and Deluxe Carry Bag for setting up and transporting the jib to and from various locations
  • Durable black electro-coated high-strength aluminum and stainless steel components are attractive and strong enough for use with a wide variety of DSLR and small camcorder configurations
  • Standard 100mm tripod attachment for use with your existing tripod or the optional Gemini Jib Mounting Stand or Heavy-Duty Mounting Stand
  • All pivot points equipped with precision sealed ball-bearings ensure smooth movement throughout the jib’s range of motion
  • Multiple tie-rod attachment points means the operator can set the camera position so it is parallel to the floor, in line with the jib arm, locked at a specific angle from the jib arm or controlled manually on the fly
  • Complex motion shots are possible using the Gemini Jib in conjunction with the Orbit Dolly and its FlexTrac & Wheel System or Caster Wheels

What’s Included

  • Gemini Jib Main Body
  • Gemini Jib Tie-Rod
  • Gemini Jib Camera Cradle
  • Gemini Jib Fluid Head Adapter

Optional Accessories

  • Gemini Jib Deluxe Carry Bag
  • Gemini Jib Mounting Stand
  • Gemini Jib Heavy-Duty Mounting Stand
  • Gemini Jib Setup Stand


Load Capacity:
With Camera Cradle Attached 10-25 pounds
With Fluid Head Adapter 11-20 pounds

Gemini Jib Body (collapsed) – 49″ x 12″/124.5cm x 30.5cm;
Gemini Jib Tie-Rod – 45.5″ to 86.3″ length, .75″ dia./115.6 cm to 219.2 cm length, 1.90 cm dia.;
Gemini Jib Camera Cradle – 9.125″ x 11″/23.2 cm x 28 cm;
Gemini Jib Fluid Head Mount – 13.625″ x 6.625″/34.6 cm x 16.8cm

Gemini Jib Body – 13.6 lbs/6.2kg,
Gemini Jib Tie Rod – 1.13 lbs/.51 kg,
Gemini Jib Camera Cradle – 1.75 lbs/.8kg,
Gemini Jib Fluid Head Mount – 2.1 lbs/.95kg

Pricing & Availability
The new Digital Juice Gemini Dual-Action Jib can be purchased through Digital Juice’s online store .






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