Introducing Dailymotion Exchange, a new global and premium video marketplace

Dailymotion Advertising has announced the launch of Dailymotion Exchange (DMX), a new private video marketplace dedicated to the automated purchasing of advertising space on Dailymotion, in all territories.

Dailymotion Exchange, the new Dailymotion marketplace, will enable local and international trading desks (agencies and advertisers) to build programmatic campaigns for highly targeted audiences.

Based on real-time bidding (RTB), DMX allows buyers to bid on Dailymotion’s video advertising inventory as well as the ability to purchase guaranteed volumes (“Private Deals”).

“With 4 years of experience in providing programmatic video ads in different video marketplaces around the globe, Dailymotion Advertising is now providing a much more powerful offer, with unique targeting capabilities,” said Damien Pigasse, Chief Revenue Officer at Dailymotion.

To maximise ad campaign effectiveness, DMX provides advanced targeting features, including:
– Multi-screen: desktop, mobile, tablet, TV (connected TVs and IPTV boxes)
– Contextual: 10 different thematic collections of premium inventory on Dailymotion – over 45,000 official content partners worldwide.
– Audience profile, with the provision of “1st party” unique and highly qualified data: socio-demographic, behavioral and interests-based targets.

DMX has been rolled out globally since the beginning of summer and is now interfaced with most global DSPs (“Demand Side Platforms”). This gives agencies and advertiser trading desks access to over 1.5 billion monthly impressions of Dailymotion inventory.

There are fifteen people operating the platform spanning from Paris, New York to Palo Alto.

Major global partners

Dailymotion Exchange relies on strong partnerships regarding the different components it has to offer:

– SSP (“Supply Side Platform”): LiveRail, a world leader in video ad serving and linking automated buyers and sellers in the online advertising space.

– DMP (“Data Management Platform”): Krux, a profiling data expert, allowing the analysis, qualification and operation of audience data collected through the Dailymotion player on www.dailymotion.com site or “off-site” when this player is “embedded” on third-party websites.

Visit exchange.dailymotion.com

Twitter : @DMXchange

source: press.dailymotion.com





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