Irdeto and Envivio Team Up to Secure and Deliver Live OTT Content

Irdeto announced a new partnership with Envivio that will better enable operators to streamline live channels over-the-top (OTT) across multi-screen platforms and devices.

Irdeto and Envivio are excited to include Microsoft PlayReady LiveTV content protection in their live linear OTT solution, available on multiple platforms including Windows, iOS and Android devices, gaming consoles and connected TVs. The joint solution will be first deployed in the market with a Tier-1 European cable operator in early 2014.

“As demand for entertainment over connected devices sharply accelerates, supporting pay TV subscribers’ desire for premium live-streamed content, delivered at high quality is critical. Operators need a better way to deliver that content in a multi-screen environment without compromising the smooth end-user experience, security and keeping a check on costs,” said Paul Ragland, VP of Sales, North America for Irdeto.

Because of its high value, live content typically requires key rotation for improved security robustness and to meet contractual obligations of the content owners. Such requirements create technical challenges that can impact both the solution cost and the end-user experience. The Irdeto and Envivio solution combines automatic key rotation and PlayReady LiveTV which minimizes the number of license requests per subscriber, while helping operators significantly reduce the backend infrastructure footprint and control their costs. In addition, the support for fast-channel switching enables a smooth, uninterrupted end-user experience in live TV scenarios.

“The new content landscape and uptake of anytime, anywhere video consumption has created avenues for operators to enhance their offerings,” said Olivier Milet, Multiscreen Product Manager, Envivio. “We believe our joint solution with Irdeto is a significant advancement in the multi-screen market, providing operators with a competitive toolkit to deliver live broadcast content to consumers, regardless of device or network, in an intuitive and compelling fashion.”

Envivio software-based compression and video processing solutions seamlessly support video delivery in any format, to any device, including 4K, HD, SD and mobile resolutions. Using codecs optimized in-house and running on high performance Intel-based platforms or blade servers, Envivio encoders deliver best-in-class video quality and increase flexibility for service providers while reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

“We are thrilled to continue delivering live, premium content for service providers, using Microsoft PlayReady DRM technology to extend reach and enable compelling business models,” said Chris Santini, director, PlayReady business of Microsoft Corp. “With PlayReady LiveTV, advanced content protection scenarios requiring automatic key rotation are now possible across a variety of devices and services.”

Irdeto, Envivo and Microsoft have teamed up to deliver a cost-efficient solution that improves end-user experience with live linear OTT on multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS and Android devices, gaming consoles and Smart TVs.






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