iStabilizer Dolly Universal Camera Mount

iStabilizer announced Dolly, a universal mount for professional-style panning at a range of angles and positions with just about any mobile device. Dolly turns shaky and amateur videos into smooth stunning works of art. It is compatible with any smartphone without requiring the removal of protective cases or bumpers.

Equipped with a built-in iStabilizer Mount, Dolly works with most mobile devices or digital cameras measuring up to 2.75″ (7cm) wide. The adjustable arm measures 11″ high and secures iPhones, Androids, GoPros and more, in an endless amount of angles and positions, allowing users to film that perfect shot. Dolly is also outfitted with four large wheels that generate smooth, fluid movements over most shooting surfaces.

“Dolly gives amateur and professional users that needed tool to take their mobile videos to the next level,” says Noah Rasheta, Founder & CEO of iStabilizer. “Mobile devices like the iPhone have amazing cameras and give the masses an opportunity to film and photo their lives. This smartphone camera dolly makes it easy to turn your travel footage, blog post, skateboard video or whatever artistic creation you dream up, into a professional and captivating video. You can really produce some beautiful video that you’ll have a hard time convincing people was all done on your smartphone.”


Ideal for tracking shots, time lapse, artistic work and capturing stunning travel videos
Large wheels provide smooth movement, while the 11-inch adjustable arm allows for unique angles and positions
Detachable universal mount works with any mobile device case and can be used with standard tripods equipped with a 1/4 x 20″ mount
Compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPod Touch, GoPro and a variety of digital cameras
Dimensions — 8″ W x 3″ H x 5″ D / Weight — 1.25 lbs

Price and Availability
The iStabilizer Dolly (ISTDL01) is available now for $59.95.







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