Launch of OTT Service for Multi-Lingual ‘Never Corders’ in U.S.

Recognizing an underserved population in the television marketplace, YipTV launched a new OTT broadband television service that brings live channel broadcasts from around the globe to millions of multi-lingual consumers in the United States.

YipTV — short for Your Individual, Personalized TV — provides affordable access to international programming content at only $14.99 a month, with no long-term service commitments or contracts.

Available over any type of wired or wireless broadband connection, YipTV enables subscribers to explore a whole world of live telecasts using a Smart TV, laptop/desktop computer or mobile Android or iOS smart device. In addition, YipTV can be viewed on a traditional TV screen using an Apple TV™ or a Google Chromecast™ device. With YipTV, viewers gain a personalized entertainment experience wherever, whenever and however they choose.

Launching with 50 channels, YipTV brings intriguing and entertaining viewing options to the United States, including live sports broadcasts from Latin America and Europe. In coming months, YipTV will add a number of Spanish- and Portuguese-language channels, and bolster broadcast offerings from Europe, Asia and India.

At launch, popular channels of note offered by YipTV include:

  • beIN Sports (Global)
  • Azteca (Mexico, Global)
  • Antenna 3 (Spain & Global)
  • RT News (Russia, Global)
  • Hola TV(Spain, Global)
  • TYC Sports (Argentina, Global)
  • NTN24 (Colombia, Global)
  • Canal Sur (Latin America, Global)

Nearly 40 million U.S. citizens have emigrated from another country. Of that number, more than half are from Latin America and the Caribbean. Another 30 percent are from Asia and 12 percent from European nations.

CEO and Co-founder Michael Tribolet said YipTV will use Internet-based OTT technology to allow for an explosion of channel options catering to that 40 million-strong, underserved portion of the U.S. consumer marketplace that he calls the “Fifth Nation.”

“Advancements in technology have made the world seem smaller and smaller,” Tribolet said. “YipTV is now using the latest technology to expand entertainment options and provide value to the customer.

“We are not just reorganizing the way people access channels that have been available for years,” he added.  “With YipTV, people with emotional and family ties overseas can watch programs that they are familiar with at a reasonable price. They can watch live news broadcasts from the city where they grew up, or share an experience with loved ones back home.

“YipTV provides more than just high-quality programming; it is also a way to stay connected with your local community and home town,” Tribolet said.

Tribolet leads the YipTV team consisting of seasoned professionals who have many years of combined experience in offering iconic, web-based consumer services from companies such as Vonage, IDT and Dialpad. Many of the team members also worked together at Vonage where Tribolet served as president.

A free, seven-day introductory trial, allowing access to a limited number of YipTV channels, is available so television watchers can experience the quality before they subscribe to the full channel lineup. The full subscription — for $14.99 a month — is also available from the YIPTV website.  Android and iOS mobile apps for YipTV are available for download via iTunes and Google Play.





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