Lighting Location Shoots with the Croma Flight Kit

For more than a decade Robert McGowan has been a freelance camera operator, lighting cameraman and professional director of photography based in London. McGowan has extensive experience in all sectors of the film, media and video production industry and his past and forthcoming projects span a variety of genres, from corporate work and commercials, to short films, pop promos and live productions.

Given the diversity of McGowan’s work, selecting camera support equipment that will provide him with the required flexibility, reliability and ease of use is vital. As a professional lighting cameraman, capturing that perfect shot is not only about having the highest performing camera for the job, it has to be complemented by the right lighting set up.

One of McGowan’s latest projects involved shooting footage for a documentary for the Discovery Channel on philanthropy featuring a member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family. Part of the shoot was an interview with Lord Hurd of Westwell, where McGowan used one of Litepanels new versatile Croma Flight Kits™. At the heart of the kit is Litepanels Croma fixture, which combines both daylight and tungsten balanced LEDs. The mixture of the two LEDs are controlled via a single ergonomic dial and can effortlessly match ambient light or create artistic accents during location shooting.

McGowan said: “The flight kit came in a nice, neat package and was ideal for this type of interview set up. The fact that the LED fixture is bi-color was very convenient and it could be battery powered for up to 90 minutes using 6 AA batteries so it give me a much higher degree of flexibility on the shoot.”

The lightweight and compact Croma Flight Kit™ has a host of versatile power and mounting accessories, and offers room to spare for an additional lighting fixture or other items. Out of the box it contains three Croma LED fixtures and associated Diffusion Gels, Ball Head Shoe Mounts, TVMP Adapters, ¼ – 20 Adapter Kits, AC Power Supplies, and compact light stands that each extend from 19.3” to 6.2’ (49cm to 1.9cm). The individual fixtures can be mounted directly on camera, and are ideal for creating complimentary edge or hair light.

McGowan continued: “The kit meets many of my day to day lighting needs, it is an all-in-one package so set up is simple and it is very easy to transport. In this instance, I used it in a classic 3-point lighting interview set up, and although I was shooting with natural light, the Croma was used as a key light to make the subject stand out.”

As a freelancer employed in an array of shooting situations, McGowan has to ensure he has got all of the right kit to meet his clients’ requirements. In the coming weeks the camera operator, renowned for his patience and a keen eye for composition, will be working across a range of corporate projects using his camera support equipment to give him the best creative advantage.








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