Litepanels Ships Hilio High Intensity LED Daylight Lamps

Hilio, the latest innovation from Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand, is now shipping. The powerful daylight colour balanced Hilio is a small-footprint LED fixture designed to replace the traditional HMI lamp, but without the HMI disadvantages of power consumption and heat generation, short bulb life and the need to carry a ballast.

The new high output Hilio provides the same light output at 5600˚K as a 575W HMI, but draws just 115W – a huge saving in power and in unwanted heat. The LED source offers a “bulb” life of 50,000 hours, and can be operated from a 24V battery as well as from an AC power source.

“We work closely with lighting directors around the world and they told us they needed something with the traditional Litepanels flexibility and convenience which could fill the HMI role,” said Pat Grosswendt, technical director at Litepanels. “We now have LED lighting fixtures that can balance exposure against the intensity of natural sunlight in both exterior and interior backlit situations. Lighting directors, gaffers and photographers are no longer constrained by the cumbersome requirements of traditional HMI fixtures.”

Like all Litepanels LED fixtures, Hilio is dimmable from 100% to zero with no noticeable colour shift and is controllable by either an on-fixture knob or via a DMX dimmer. Hilio’s 15° beam angle outputs an even wash of soft light to provide a natural filling of shadows in even the harshest sunlight, over distances up to 7.5m.

The slim (356mm wide x 254mm high x 102mm deep) Hilio is equipped with a standard yoke for easy mounting and positioning on light stands or in a grid. It features an integrated rear gimbal plate for accessories and power supply attachment as well as a front gel slot. Because of its low power consumption it runs cool, so can be used in high density lighting or close to performers, without any problems.




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