LiveU Unveils its MultiPoint Cloud-Based IP Video Distribution Service

LiveU today unveiled its second-generation internal and cross-organizational IP video distribution service, LiveU MultiPoint. The cloud-based MultiPoint service is seamlessly integrated into LiveU’s unified management platform, LiveU Central, so broadcasters can share incoming live feeds simultaneously with multiple end-points over the Internet from within the same interface they are accustomed to.

The new service presents broadcasters with a highly cost-effective way of replacing most of their satellite operations to share content across groups with minimal delay, without the costs of satellite re-transmission.

LiveU MultiPoint offers broadcasters the following key advantages:

  1. Distribution of video with minimal delay for up to 100 concurrent destinations via the LiveU cloud distribution server, without requiring additional bandwidth at the point of origin.
  1. No additional hardware: any existing LiveU server running the latest software can begin receiving and transmitting MultiPoint feeds.
  1. Easy management via single user interface: MultiPoint is fully integrated into the LiveU Central browser-based cloud management platform, where all other LiveU devices and applications are managed.
  1. Any Internet connection: MultiPoint can send high-quality video regardless of the type of Internet connection available at the points of origin or destination. By using intelligent Adaptive Bitrate Distribution algorithms, MultiPoint optimizes live video delivery to different classes of receivers, either over the public Internet or over an organization’s private fiber connectivity.
  1. Send video from any source to any destination: any LiveU device or application can transmit either to a physical LiveU server for re-distribution to other locations with minimal delay, or feed directly into the LiveU cloud distribution server to be shared in real-time with all destinations. In addition, by using a LiveU LU700 studio encoder or LU200, broadcasters can share any SDI source in the studio, not just those originating from a LiveU device or application.
  1. Open Platform with APIs for managing broadcasters’ content acquisition and distribution.

Samuel Wasserman, LiveU’s CEO, said, “MultiPoint enables broadcasters to distribute live video to a wider audience, optimizing their workflow and making the most of their content. It’s simple, fast and reliable, which is why we’re already seeing huge interest from global customers. MultiPoint is a key example of the value-added premium services we’re developing at LiveU to power broadcasters’ electronic newsgathering operations.”

MultiPoint can be used with LiveU’s full-field acquisition portfolio, including the LU500 professional backpack, LU200 ultra-small unit, LU-Smart mobile apps and hybrid cellular/satellite vehicles. It will be available for full use by LiveU customers starting this month.

LiveU owns the patent for cellular bonding for remote news gathering in the US and other countries. All LiveU products are based on this fourth-generation patented technology.






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