Media 100 Suite Version 2 Now Available

The new Version 2 release introduces support for RED Camera workflows including 4K and 2K video formats, REDCODE media, and the RED ROCKET hardware for accelerated rendering.

Other new features include a revamped Motion Editor for Pan and Scan and DVE effects, improved media search capabilities, and a streamlined, modeless ColorFX window for fast access to all ColorFX options. In addition, Media 100 Suite Version 2 integrates the new Boris RED Version 5 plug-in for text, transitions, and advanced composites. Boris RED v5 adds 60+ new filters and a score of user interface and workflow enhancements including ergonomic panels and a curve editor.

“We are thrilled with Media 100’s continued adoption of frame rates and codecs for high-end post production,” commented Michael Hanish, Founder, Free Lunch Media Production. “In addition, we look forward to taking advantage of Boris RED 5’s streamlined interface and new VFX filters.”


Media 100 Suite Version 2 New Feature Highlights

* 4K and 2K Video Support. Version 2 supports 4K and 2K video in 16:9 and 2:1 frame aspect ratios and at frame rates from 23.98 to 59.94 frames per second.
* REDCODE (R3D) Codec Support. Version 2 lets Media 100 Suite editors work with 4K and 2K R3D media in real-time without transcoding. The playback speed and quality of the rendered R3D media can be adjusted with a new “DeBayer” Quality setting.
* Pixel Accurate Option. Media 100 Suite’s Catch Frame window now includes a Pixel Accurate option that allows editors to examine any image, even 4K video, at full size on a Mac monitor. The Pixel Accurate view can be used in conjunction with the “DeBayer” Quality setting to obtain the best combination of speed and quality when rendering R3D media.
* RED ROCKET Board Support. Version 2 supports the optional RED ROCKET board for accelerated rendering of R3D media.
* Metadata Editing. Version 2 includes a new Metadata window that can manipulate metadata settings for R3D media, including color space, ISO speed, and color temperature.
* Mixed Standards. Video clips of any standard, size, and frame rate can be dropped into any program with automatic scaling and frame aspect correction.
* Revamped Motion Editor. The revamped Motion Editor lets editors resize, zoom, rotate, and reposition a selected area of a source clip for Pan and Scan and DVE effects.
* New ColorFX Window. A new ColorFX window allows seamless access to all ColorFX options in a single window for a smoother, faster workflow.
* Boris RED Version 5. The new Boris RED release adds 60+ filters and provides a score of user interface and workflow enhancements including ergonomic panels and a curve editor.
* Faster Boris RED Rendering. Boris RED effects in Media 100 Suite Version 2 render up to 150% faster compared to the previous version of Media 100 Suite.
* Other Enhancements include improved media search capabilities and enhanced color fidelity when importing QuickTime video from other sources.


Pricing and Availability

Media 100 Suite Version 2 is immediately available through the Media 100 worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Media 100 web site for an MSRP of $995 USD. Customers can upgrade to Media 100 Suite Version 2 from Media 100 Version 11 and higher, including Media 100 Producer and Media 100 Suite v1.x, for an MSRP of $595 USD. Media 100 Platinum Software Updates is available for an MSRP of $695 USD and provides one year of software upgrades. A free 14-day trial version is available.




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