Memnon to showcase its digitisation and restoration services at NAB 2015

Memnon Archiving Services, the trusted partner for digital preservation, enrichment and accessibility of audiovisual and cultural archives, is showcasing its digitisation and restoration service offering at next month’s NAB 2015 (booth C8526, Las Vegas Convention Centre, 1316 April 2015). The company is seeking to help broadcasters, national institutions, content owners and archivists understand the real threats to their valuable material, particularly as audio and video recording formats become obsolete and their players no longer supported.

“It is truly catastrophic to watch as so much of our world’s audiovisual heritage continues to deteriorate under poor storage conditions,” said Michel Merten, founder and CEO of Memnon. “Worse, it is alarming to see once-popular formats becoming completely obsolete as players that once had pride of place in facilities are no longer supportable, rendering hundreds of millions of hours of assets at risk of disappearing forever.”

According to a study by UNESCO, over 200 million hours of audiovisual programmes are in immediate danger. Memnon is already working with many of the world’s leading broadcasters and national institutions to preserve the assets in an endeavour to stem the flow. As well as the loss of revenues this loss implies, it also represents a large part of recent cultural history.

Memnon offers a range of services to digitise, restore, preserve and provide access to recordings from virtually any audiovisual or film format. The company which has already digitised over 2 million hours of content, can provide the digitisation service at its headquarters in Belgium, its US facility in Indiana and its facility in Noida, India, or it can provide support for on-premises processing anywhere in the world. The company also provides secure long-term storage and indexing of audiovisual archives, with access either to the public or to a selected target audience.

According to Merten, “2015 is our second year at NAB and we are looking forward to serious discussions with broadcasters and content owners about the challenges of preserving and protecting content, and the practical solutions we provide. It is imperative that those discussions happen – the alternative is to see valuable assets lost for ever.”






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