MOG updates its Material Exchange Format

MOG Technologies has announced a new version of its MXF Software Development Toolkit, MXF::SDK.

MOG’s MXF::SDK was launched in 2003 and was the first commercially available implementation of MXF. MXF::SDK abstracts the application layer from the details and complexity of the MXF format, using simple application programming interfaces. It counts with a vast number of customers worldwide using it to enable MXF on their own products.

The new version of MXF::SDK is simpler to integrate with and even more complete, with support for the latest formats like XAVC, AVC Ultra and DNxHR, as well as a simplified licensing and distribution model.

Two noticeable changes:

• Firstly, it was totally rewritten internally in order to take advantage of the latest C++ compilers but we managed to do it while being binary compatible with older compilers;
• Secondly, we have packaged all the codecs and formats in a single product, with a single DLL and license. This means anything SD, HD and UHD, in one place.
The new trial is ready to ship and can be requested at sales@mog-technologies.com





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