Mosart to Supply Newscast Automation for 16 NRK Stations

Mosart Medialab today announced that NRK, Norway’s largest broadcaster, is extending its deployment of Mosart(R) automation from three central systems to include 12 of its regional news studios and an additional central system. With the completion of this project, all NRK facilities will enjoy the same efficiency, control options, and agile operation as the broadcaster’s main studios in Oslo.


“We have worked with Mosart automation in-house for about four years, so when the Mosart tender met our specifications and proved to be the best buy, the choice to roll it out across all of our sites was easy,” said Egil Johan Damm, project manager for NRK. “In doing so, we not only benefit from the solution’s flexibility and interoperability, but we also achieve a standardization of news playout that will simplify support and the movement of staff among sites.”

Mosart automation simplifies the many control tasks within the news production chain, giving operators efficient control and freeing specialized staff members to focus on enhancing the overall look and feel of the broadcast. The versatility of the Mosart solution ensures smooth integration with and control over new broadcast equipment and file formats, as well as the equipment already in use at NRK.

The system will interface with NRK’s ENPS newsroom computer system story control and transform its rundowns into Mosart automation scripts to enable news production with just two operators in the gallery. Equally important to NRK is the way in which Mosart automation allows those operators to perform on-the-fly editing of headlines and to insert breaking news into the running order. The option to employ a touch screen GUI will further streamline gallery operations.

“NRK is the toughest competitor for our mother company, TV 2, in terms of capturing Norway’s viewing audience,” said John Kjellevold, managing director at Mosart Medialab. “Our double tender win with NRK, first for three central studios and now for an additional 13, proves that we are on top when objectively measured through the fair EU tendering system. With this contract, Mosart now has won 10 out of 12 EU tenders.”

The installation of Mosart automation across NRK regional sites will start in Stavanger in October 2013 and continue in Bodø in November, with Bergen following, and the rest of the sites finished in 2014.







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