MTI Film Introduces Transcoding Engine “Cortex::Convey”

Continuing to add to its family of products for managing media from the set to the screen, MTI Film today announces the release of a new standalone transcoding application, Cortex::Convey. Cortex::Convey supports input of all popular camera file formats, editorial files and intermediate file formats, including DPX, OpenEXR and H.264, for transcoding to review, editorial and intermediate formats such as Avid DNxHD/MXF 1:1, DPX file sequences and QuickTime , as well as fully-authored DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

“More than five years ago we introduced this deliverables software as a sister application to Control Dailies Enterprise. Even then, customers wanted to purchase it as a standalone product,” notes Belinda S. Merritt, Director of Business Development. “As we were developing the Cortex family, we thought why not give them what they want? Cortex::Convey not only delivers on this need, but as part of the Cortex platform, offers a simple and intuitive user interface on top of an extremely powerful and versatile transcoding engine that can be used in every step of post-production, not just dailies.”

Cortex::Convey offers several advantages over other transcoding solutions, adds David McClure, VP of Product Development. “It’s comprehensive, supporting all file formats, in and out, for dailies, assemblies, dubs, VFX pulls and other applications,” McClure observes. “It’s also easy to use. The intuitive project manager allows users to quickly set up professional-quality transcoding projects without the need for deep knowledge of each and every codec. For technical users, it includes an XML API for integration into other render farms or workflow automation systems.”

Cortex::Convey takes advantage of both CPU and GPU processing with NVIDIA CUDA to transcode most files at real-time or faster, many at over 100 fps. Template-driven automation removes the need for time-consuming, repetitive tasks and ensures consistent results from job to job.




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