Multitouch Creates New Paradigm for Large Interactive Touch Screens

MultiTouch, Ltd. today announced the introduction of the world’s largest integrated multi-user LCD multitouch display, the MultiTaction® Cell 55”.

The product, a 55-inch display, is the first to emerge from the company’s new software and hardware platform for large-scale multitouch LCD displays, MultiTaction. Initial customers for the MultiTaction Cell 55” include Intel® Corp., U.S. digital agency Momentum and Norwegian interactive design firm One Communication.

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MultiTaction builds on MultiTouch’s patented optical imaging technology Computer Vision Through Screen for multitouch displays, and provides the world’s most advanced set of touch, gesture and object recognition capabilities. The MultiTaction Cell 55” is a Full HD display that is four inches deep on the sides and eight inches deep in the middle, can accommodate unlimited number of touch points and an unlimited number of concurrent users with full hand recognition.

With an ultrafast response (200+ frames per second), MultiTaction units are designed for interaction with real-life objects – whether drinking glasses, 2D barcodes, or game pieces, for example – and can be stacked to any size or shape using tens of units. The product’s frameless thin bezel design enables MultiTaction to be embedded in custom-designed furniture. The smooth edge-to-edge front glass on the display unit is a first for any multitouch display. Further information and a white paper on MultiTaction can be found at www.multitaction.com.

Watch MultiTouch CTO Tommi Ilmonen demonstrate and discuss the new MultiTaction Cell 55”

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“The years of research and market development that we have poured into creating MultiTaction have finally yielded what we now know to be the industry’s next platform for creating powerful multi-user multitouch displays,” said Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch Ltd. “By working with the world’s leading interactive developers, we have carefully listened to our customers and developed technology that can be used by what we know will be a large community of multitouch software developers committed to touching the future.”

The MultiTaction Cell 55” uses the 2nd generation of Intel® Core™ family of processors, which enable faster response to multiple touches.

“The combination of Intel’s 2nd generation Core processors and multi-touch enabled display solutions is enabling new brand interactive experiences for end-users that are both engaging and enjoyable. These experiences can effectively address new interactive consumer patterns in public and retail environments,” said Adrian Whelan, director of new business at Intel Corporation.

MultiTaction’s most significant advancement is that its optical multitouch sensor technology is integrated with the backlight and infrared emitters into integrated circuit (IC) boards, creating a modular camera system that can scale up to more than 100-inch high-resolution displays with the same slim design.

Among other breakthrough features, the MultiTaction platform eliminates the single most troublesome characteristic of optical touch displays, which is sensitivity to external lighting, such as sunlight, spotlights, and other external light sources. MultiTaction incorporates a new hybrid tracking technology that combines shadows with infrared reflections for smooth performance in any environment.

Introduced to the global market in 2009, the MultiTouch Cell product family has been sold in more than 40 countries, and installed in some of the most prominent international venues, including the recent Space Shuttle exhibit at NASA’s Space Center Houston; the Patina installations at Acme Brick stores; the Wall of Chile installation at the Chilean Pavilion at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China; the ‘One Road Interactive’ exhibit at the National Museum of Australia; and the Siemens Identity Display in Vienna. The Cell products are used for retail, advertising, exhibitions, museums, broadcast, education and design.

The MultiTaction Cell 55” is available now for orders direct from MultiTouch or through MultiTouch resellers around the world.




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