Ncam partners with VER to serve movie market

Ncam today announced that it has partnered with VER to ensure that its innovative, creative and efficient products reach the widest market in movie-making and premium television production. The partnership means VER will now supply Ncam technology alongside its wide roster of digital camera and grips rental.

VER – a leading, global provider of production equipment and engineering solutions – has 32 offices across North America and Europe and combines the expertise of Vince Pace and Fletcher Camera. It was set up to provide comprehensive and inventive solutions to creative challenges and has its own in-house R&D team, as well as access to the best technology.

Ncam provides a remarkably powerful way of pre-visualising effects-heavy scenes on set or location. By tracking the moves of the camera and lens in all dimensions, in real-time, Ncam allows the director and DoP to see, through the viewfinder, what the finished scene will be. It means fine details like eyelines and reactions can be captured perfectly live, making for a much more natural result as well as saving a huge amount of time and cost in post.

“Ncam is exactly the type of technology we like to provide our clients and have been providing through our Cineverse division,” said Vince Pace, ASC. “The system is very accurate, providing absolutely precise tracking even on Steadicam. It’s also very fast to set up with a sensor bar that attaches to the camera and a single computer cable. We are already placing it on significant projects, like Independence Day 2.”

“We are delighted that VER has decided to collaborate with Ncam into the exciting world of virtual production,” said Nic Hatch, CEO of Ncam. “They obviously have a tremendous network in the entertainment industry and they also have a wonderful, forward-looking view on the technology. Together we will advance the capabilities of Ncam’s products even further, driven by the needs of creative talents.”







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