New Harmonic Products for IBC 2011

Among the distribution and delivery products being demonstrated is the ProStream 4000 multiscreen transcoder optimized for adaptive streaming applications that enable operators to meet growing demand for OTT and mobile TV services, while improving the video viewing experience.

ProStream 4000 Multiscreen Transcoder
New capabilities include increased scalability, premium H.264 video encoding, multi-encapsulation, and expanded compatibility with a range of content distribution networks (CDNs) and digital rights management (DRM) software.

To manage the complexity of multiscreen and OTT applications, ProStream 4000’s high-density configuration now supports the simultaneous processing of up to 48 video inputs and 48 legacy mobile phone, 18 iPhone(R), 12 SD, or four transcoded HD video outputs per single rack unit (1-RU). The new built-in multi-encapsulation feature enables operators to encode once and encapsulate to a variety of target video formats, such as Apple(R) HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft(R) Smooth Streaming, and Adobe(R) HTTP Dynamic Streaming, as well as multi-bitrate transport streams for NDS and Widevine Adaptive Streaming.

Omneon MediaGrid(TM) V3.0 — a new version of the Omneon MediaGrid(TM) active storage system that dramatically lowers the cost of storage capacity while maintaining the industry-leading performance required by next-generation media workflows. The system combines new scale-out storage hardware, the ContentServer 3000, and a new version (v3.0) of the Omneon MediaGrid file system software that features integrated software RAID for efficient and smart data protection. These advances, combined with online scaling capability and integration with leading media applications, will enable users to deploy central storage without trading performance, scalability, or interoperability for lower storage costs.

Omneon Spectrum(TM) MediaCenter — a new multichannel media server with integrated low-cost storage and support for Spectrum(TM) MediaPort modularity and scalability. Designed specifically for the needs of local and regional broadcast stations, as well as remote playout facilities, MediaCenter delivers exceptional value for operations requiring from four to 12 channels in a single video server configuration. MediaCenter offers the high reliability of the flagship Omneon Spectrum video server, tailored for small and mid-sized stations that require limited channel scalability.

Omneon MediaPort 7000 — a series of video I/O modules for the Omneon Spectrum(TM) media server system. In a single highly configurable unit, the MediaPort 7000 delivers new multicodec support with enhanced media processing functionality to streamline playout workflows and simplify the transition to HD. The MediaPort 7000 series enables the Spectrum video server simultaneously to support an industry-leading range of codecs, formats, frame rates, and resolutions along with fully integrated up-, down-, and cross-conversion and simulcast SD and HD outputs for every channel. The units are available in two- or four-channel configurations and use a slot-based form factor that supports the simple addition of channels to existing systems without disruption of on-air operations.




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