Optibase Announces Low-Latency Portable HD/SD H.264 Encoding Appliance

Optibase announced that it will present at NAB 2011 the most advanced multi-channel portable H.264 encoder ‘ a low-latency platform, powered by TurboVideo’ technology, that’s faster, denser, more powerful and more cost effective than any encoder now on the market.

The MGW Micro Premium is Optibase’s most advanced industrial-grade, MPEG-4 H.264 encoding and streaming appliance. Designed for low latency distribution of high definition and standard definition video sources for enterprises, it utilizes minimal bandwidth yet preserves broadcast-quality video up to full HD 1080p60 resolution. The small ruggedized encoder supports up to two separate HD sources or five separate SD sources in an ultra-small form factor, making it the densest professional-grade H.264 AVC encoder in the market. The solid state MGW Micro Premium appliance offers high reliability and the highest flexibility with video inputs including 3G, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVI, HDMI and Composite video sources. With its built-in matrix, it enables a single video source to be encoded at five different resolutions and data rates with built-in AES-256/128-bit encryption for securing IPTV content.

The MGW Micro Premium is optimized for mission critical ingestion and dissemination of Full Motion Video (FMV) with optional metadata information (CoT to KLV). Its professional-grade, rugged enclosure and H.264 HD/SD video compression engine offer durability, quality of service and best-in-class video quality in less than 65 milliseconds encoding latency. Its ultra-small, airborne-ready footprint makes it a perfect for portable applications. It can be used as a stand-alone appliance or in conjunction with Optibase EZ TV and FITIS IPTV Systems to deliver a fully secure end-to-end IPTV service.


The new appliance will be offered in two models. Both support advanced features such as low delay streaming, real-time encryption and metadata processing:

* MGW Micro Premium Encoder SD ‘ encodes up to five distinct SD sources, with MSRP of $6,995 (upgradable to HD with software license)
* MGW Micro Premium Encoder HD ‘ encodes up to five distinct SD sources, two HD sources or one HD and four SD sources, with MSRP of $8,395

‘Optibase is known for its state-of-the-art broadcast quality blade-based encoding solutions. With the MGW Micro Premium, Vitec and Optibase combine their renowned broadcast-quality video compression knowledge with revolutionary TurboVideo’ technology, enabling low latency streaming to create a multi-channel, durable and compact appliance with the lowest cost per channel in the enterprise market,’ said Eli Garten, Vice President of Product Management at Optibase. ‘The MGW Micro Premium allows us to serve customers in more markets and provides our existing customers with more flexibility in deploying enhanced encoding and streaming solutions.’

‘The joint product development process between Vitec and Optibase, now a division of Vitec, enables the two companies to use larger development teams to accelerate design and development of high quality, innovative and aggressively priced solutions for our customers,’ said Philippe Wetzel, President and CEO of Vitec. ‘Vitec’s global presence and strategic alliances with large video solution integrators will allow us to utilize the flexible MGW Micro Premium encoding platform to deliver cutting edge solutions such as HD video tele-presence and low-latency HD/SD point-to-point contribution.’




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