Orad’s Camera Tracking Technology Patented

Orad announced that it has received a patent for its superior camera tracking technology.

With Orad’s camera tracking technology, graphic enhancements can augment practically any sports video as if they were firmly and precisely attached to the field.   Orad’s patented camera tracking technology is a software-based pattern recognition algorithm that does not require additional camera attachments, simplifying set up and use.

The patented algorithm analyzes video in real-time, calculating camera parameters for each video frame. This allows for real-time insertion of graphics onto sports video, such as on a soccer field, tennis court or golf course. No field lines are used in the pattern recognition process. The entire image is analyzed to retrieve the camera parameters, thus the method can be applied to any sports-related content.   The patented algorithm is characterized by very high robustness and precision; it is immune to flashes, which typically plague pattern recognition algorithms.

The patented camera tracking technology is part of Orad’s flagship sport-enhancement products MVP and Invictus. Deployed for all sporting environments – trucks, field, stadium, studio – Orad’s patented camera technology delivers superior quality results for broadcasters.





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