Orad’s Next Generation PowerWall Presented at IBC2012

This IBC, Orad will showcase its new PowerWall solution, a turnkey system for video wall productions. Based on the new Orad HDVG4 platform, PowerWall provides a synchronized 8k 1080p / 16k 1080i resolution output from a single box. This single PowerWall unit can output up to eight genlocked 3G or 16 HD SDI signals that can be tiled across the video wall according to the size and shape required.

PowerWall offers extremely high, ”pixelization-free” resolution display. This opens new production opportunities. Until now, broadcasters would use only long shots to avoid video wall pixelation. With PowerWall, this limitation is eliminated and operators can focus in at any level, including extreme zoom in.

PowerWall’s video resolutions range from 3840 x 1080 in the 2 x 1 setup, 3840 x 2160 in the 2 x 2 setup, up to 15360 x 2160 in an 8 x 2 (1080i) arrangement. This flexible approach is specifically designed to suit the broadcaster’s video wall.

The PowerWall Configurator lets broadcasters easily adjust video signal properties from the control PC. Users can adjust the size, position, edges and color balance of the whole wall or individual signals, as well as control the edge blending for the overlapping projector areas. There is no need to access the engineering controls on the video wall.

The new PowerWall offers up to 16 HD / SD video insertions, ensuring that the videos are an integral part of the scene and not merely overlaid on top.

PowerWall integrates seamlessly with 3DPlay, Maestro and TD Control, Orad’s broadcast production software.





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