Orad Unveils Orbit

Orad will be presenting at NAB for the first time its Orbit storage product line. Orbit provides real-time and near line storage, and is complimentary to Orad’svideo server solutions. Orbit offers a tested and certified turnkey solution for any storage capacity and number real-time edit streams, while meeting budget requirements.

Orbit serves as a bridge between Orad’s video servers and any production workgroup, supporting Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk and other popular video editing workgroups.

Optimized for transfers with Orad’s servers, ingested files can be exported up to 6 times faster than real-time (100mbps files), while the servers are still recording.

Once the files are available on Orbit, multiple craft editing systems can run their projects simultaneously in shared workspaces, with multiple real-time HD streams per NLE system.

When working on multiple projects, each project can have its own workspace, with own disk quota and can even be placed on a dedicated RAID, by dividing one physical Orbit unit into several RAID environments.

Once the outcome is rendered, the servers can access the available files on Orbit, select and import the relevant files for playout.

Orbit is a flexible solution that can grow according to need, from 16GB to multiple storage units clustered on a 10GE backbone.

Orbit provides user friendly web-based interface for storage and user management.

Orbit’s can enhance digital tapeless workflows, providing a reliable shared workspace and file collaboration between ingest, post production, and playout environments, speeding up the workflow while saving on hardware purchasing and maintenance costs.





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