OTOY releases OctaneRender™ 2.1

Cloud graphics pioneer, OTOY Inc. announced the availability of OctaneRender™ 2.1, the latest version of its advanced real-time rendering software with several improvements and community-requested features. Previewed at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference and 2014 NAB Show, the new version includes:

  • Render pass output for lighting layers – Enabling greater fine-tuning of lighting settings following rendering, this feature allows users to produce images for each render pass that constitutes an image such as reflections, refractions, normal, direct and indirect lighting, among others.
  • Undo system – A new Undo system allows for improved workflow during scene setup, letting users backtrack to an earlier state prior to the latest setting applied.

  • Improved sampling – A new sampling method is used to efficiently reduce the noise for Direct Lighting and Path Tracing kernels together with a new “coherent mode” resulting in many scenes rendering 30 percent faster or more.
  • Scriptable node graph SDK for developers – For developers, new scriptable nodes within OctaneRender™ remove the barriers to what the program can be used to create. Using LUA-based scripting, OctaneRender™ can have practical applications beyond graphics, such as incorporating physics engines like Pixelux’s Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) or interactive engines like Epic’s Unreal Engine.

OctaneRender™ 2.1 can be downloaded now with updated plugins rolling out over the next few weeks.






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