PHABRIX adds features across the range and introduces its new Qx at IBC 2015

PHABRIX has been developing its new next generation Qx UHDTV test and measurement for release at IBC 2015. Having received a Best of Show at NAB 2015, the Qx provides manufacturers with a comprehensive toolset for both analysis and generation of signals up to 48 Gbps payloads and importantly provides 12Gbps eye and jitter analysis.

At IBC the Rx rack mount range of rasterizers are updated to V9.03 providing extensive new audio instruments to add to the video complement. In addition single channel closed caption 608/708, OP47 and WSS and Loudness monitoring is standard on new Rx purchases with an option to take each to four channel monitoring if required. A new frame grab feature adds additional QC support.

The Sx range benefits from a new A/V delay generator and inclusion of a VANC/ANC signal monitoring grid. The SxE has a new complementary advanced eye and jitter toolset with additional jitter instrument – and celebrates over 5000 sales since its release.

The TAG handheld with on-board SFP cage now provides support for optical, copper and HDMI SFP’s. This amazing combined generator, analyzer and monitor as the TAGC has complete support for analogue, SDI and optical interfaces. With a HDMI SFP the toolset can now display EDID data, a welcome addition to the most versatile hand held on the market today – and at a cost effective price.

PHABRIX have moved to a larger stand in Hall 10 B12. With so much on show, it’s going to be a popular stand.





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