Pixel Power integrated master control and branding

Pixel Power Inc. will highlight the latest version of BrandMaster™ at NAB 2012. BrandMaster is a unique combination of complete master control and high-end automated branding graphics in a single integrated system that efficiently brands channels without the need for standalone graphics systems. Pixel Power recently surpassed 200 channels of BrandMaster deployed worldwide.

“The transition to HD and the addition of digital channels is very much a current story for the majority of broadcasters,” said Pixel Power Inc. CEO Pete Challinger. “The addition of BrandMaster to a traditional, server-fed playout chain enables broadcasters to be truly innovative in meeting the capital, operational and creative objectives of those projects.”

BrandMaster delivers a number of valuable benefits and capabilities including:

BrandMaster puts advanced broadcast graphics directly at the point of transmission to reduce the complexity of the channel’s signal path and to streamline the channel branding process. This lowers the amount of equipment and power consumption, as well as the total cost required to deliver a branded broadcast channel.
BrandMaster includes a wealth of core graphics functions: logos, clocks, text crawls, multiple tickers, DVE moves, and automated scheduling, as well as available EAS support.
Advanced audio handling includes multichannel support, shuffling, voiceover and available Dolby-E.
BrandMaster delivers its impressive functionality at a price that is less than that of most switchers on the market with no graphics.
BrandMaster offers the world’s first master control panel to use TFT switches that can display full colour images of graphics and video assets, putting a wealth of information at the operator’s fingertips.
BrandMaster offers infinitely reconfigurable software control panels to meet any interface requirement, including support for touch screens with gestures.




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