Pixel Power Launches ChannelMaster at IBC

ChannelMaster is a fully integrated playout solution that frees broadcasters from the compromises of existing “channel in a box” solutions. ChannelMaster incorporates all the functionality to deliver a channel to air but with playout capabilities that reach far beyond what is currently possible in a single device.

ChannelMaster benefits from no automation lock-in: it can integrate with any automation and MAM system by way of an open XML protocol or legacy industry standard protocols providing a level of flexibility not previously seen. Alternatively it can be controlled by Pixel Power’s new Gallium scheduling, asset management and automation solution.

ChannelMaster also brings the world of live content playout to integrated systems. Benefiting from a built-in master control switcher and two video inputs, it’s an excellent proposition for the transmission of live events. This is in marked contrast to many existing integrated systems that are limited to only one video input, or lack a master control hardware panel with which a master control operator would be familiar. ChannelMaster can also control the upstream router – allowing virtually unlimited video inputs. It’s also capable of live transitions between sources with preview – vital in a live environment as any broadcaster knows.

By placing Pixel Power’s market-leading graphics engine at its core, ChannelMaster includes dedicated processing for the full range of sophisticated graphics including real time 3D, multichannel clips with alpha and unlimited layers. A single ChannelMaster unit can be configured as one complex channel with preview or two simpler channels.

This also provides cost-effective configurations for redundancy as a broadcaster could use the second channel as a redundant crossover  back-up. Broadcasters can now use a fully integrated system – video server, graphics engine, branding, audio voiceover, subtitling and master control switcher – to provide the high-level graphics essential in today’s competitive channel market.

For subtitling, Pixel Power is partnering with leading technology suppliers, integrating their software within ChannelMaster in order to provide the quality and flexibility demanded by broadcasters. This also allows ChannelMaster to be easily integrated with existing subtitling workflows where already installed.

James Gilbert, Joint Managing Director, Pixel Power, says, “In their decade of existence integrated playout systems have proven themselves sufficient for handling the playout of basic thematic channels but no more than that. ChannelMaster dramatically changes that situation, bringing new levels of playout sophistication to the market.”







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