Polecam Starter Pack D-SLR rig to launch at NAB Show 2011

Polecam has chosen NAB Show 2011 in Las Vegas as the launch venue for a major new addition to its product range: Polecam Starter Pack.  Designed primarily for use with digital SLR cameras, Polecam Starter Pack offers low-budget programme-makers all the essential features of the legendary Polecam rig.

“Polecam Starter Pack enables an entire new generation of video producers to experience the creative advantages of our truly-portable camera crane,” explains Polecam founder and Managing Director Steffan Hewitt.  “The ability to create dynamic pan and tilt shots round a very wide radius, to shoot over the heads of a crowd and to get in ultra-close to the action, is appreciated by Polecam operators around the world.  We have been under pressure to introduce an entry-level Polecam system for some time and have achieved this without compromising on quality.  If you are coming to NAB, this is a real must-see!”


“Polecam Starter Pack incorporates a newly designed D-SLR head and redesigned back-end,” details Polecam Sales and Marketing Manager Jeremy Curtis.  “The rig can be attached to any standard professional camera tripod or harness mount.  Polecam Starter Pack comes complete with a counterweight system, mains power supply unit with three four-pin XLR cables (for head, camera and monitor power), three interlocking carbon-fiber poles with a total length of nearly 12 feet, control joystick and the pan/tilt head.  The new back-end has a threaded bar for counterweights, an extended top plate plus a new cable-management arrangement. Polecam Starter Pack retains the ability to route cables inside the boom which is appreciated by many operators working in crowded environments, in rain or where the rig is likely to be within view of other cameras.  The standard Polecam back plate is not essential when using a D-SLR but can be added as an option to accommodate battery power facilities or as an upgrade path to a full Polecam rig.”


“Price point of the Polecam Starter Pack including pan/tilt head for the Canon 5D D-SLR is under $10,000,” adds Greg Salman of Polecam USA.  “That makes the system affordable to corporate programme producers, universities, medical training schools and a whole raft of single-operator businesses as well as traditional broadcasters.  It also enables existing Polecam owner-operators to expand into multi-rig operations without doubling their capital outlay.  Options for Polecam Starter Pack include an HDMI monitor at less than a quarter the price of our high-end HD-SDI monitor plus a full range of Polecam elements allowing the Starter Pack to be upgraded to a full five-pole 2D or 3D Polecam rig or to the ultra-long-reach seven-pole version.”




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