P+S TECHNIK Breathes New Life Into Arri SRIII Cameras

The PS-Mag 16DSR-III is the first digital magazine for Arri SRIII cameras bridging the gap between the film and digital worlds. As a portable digital recording unit the PS-Mag16DSR-III is designed to seamlessly interface with the Arriflex SRIII Super 16mm film camera.

With the PS-Mag 16DSR-III, cinematographers are able to shoot an SRIII film camera utilizing existing film accessories and high quality lenses with the accuracy of the original optical viewfinder while recording digitally in RAW format. Its core is a temperature stabilized 2/3” CMOS sensor with full native HD resolution for capturing the CineForm 10 bit RAW format and the CineForm 4:2:2 10 bit HD format, compressed and uncompressed. CineForm formats are recorded on standard removable SSD storages. The digital CineForm footage seamlessly integrates with various digital post-production workflows.


The PS-Mag 16DSR-III can be remote controlled via notebooks and smart phones. The power supply of the PS-Mag 16DSR-III is performed through the existing power supplies of the Arri 16SR3 camera. An extra external power supply for the PS-Mag 16DSR-III is not necessarily needed.

No data experiments, no time-consuming and expensive post production, just efficient production. So be prepared to meet a new hybrid hero on set: 16SR III cameras supporting all advances of a digital workflow. 

The PS-Mag 16DSR-III is the first 16Digital Evolution camera for less than Euro 25k and ready for delivery from now on.

P+S TECHNIK now offers the PS-Mag 16DSR-III in several Go16Digital packages – ready to shoot:

For Owners of Arriflex 16SR-III cameras:

1)    PS-Mag 16DSR-III Digital Magazine for 16SR-III ==  PS-Mag ONLY

Ready-to-Shot camera packages:

2)    16DSR-III Digital Evolution camera == PS-Mag & 16SR-III camera body (refurbished, new color, but no re-conversion to film possible)





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