P+S TECHNIK presents X-Over Workflow for PS-Cam X35 and Weisscam HS-2

At NAB P+S TECHNIK will introduce the P+S TECHNIK X-Over workflow for the exceptional picture cameras Weisscam HS-2 and PS-Cam X35. The X-Over workflow concept is based on the independent choice of recorders and its formats to fit available and known workflows from set to postproduction. P+S TECHNIK supports HD and RAW workflows with a wide variety of recorders. P+S TECHNIK serves a wide range of HD recorder available in the market such as the compressed and uncompressed recorders of AJA, Blackmagic, Convergent Design, Cinedeck, Codex, Samurai, Panasonic, Sony, 1Beyond and other player on the market.

P+S TECHNIK supports RAW workflows with PS-classified partners to serve the growing needs of RAW applications. At NAB 2012, P+S TECHNIK announces the cooperation on RAW workflows with its partners Bluefish444 and Convergent Design. Bluefish444 will introduce the P+S TECHNIK RAW Capture Module to serve file based productions. Convergent Design will introduce PS-RAW support for their Gemini Series recorders,

Gemini 4:4:4

and Gemini RAW, to be available in summer 2012. PS-RAW and Weisscam RAW are camera image RAW-streams transferred via HDSDI from P+S TECHNIK cameras, such as the widely used Weisscam HS-2 highspeed camera and the MotionFX camera PS-CAM X35.

“The independent selection for a wide variety of recorders ensures flexible workflow solutions in HD and RAW for highest quality capturing. The P+S TECHNIK X-Over workflow solution is developed to give the best workflow choice and best solution for the players within a production”, says Michael Erkelenz, Manager Business Unit Digital Capturing at P+S TECHNIK.




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