PTS signed as the official distributor of TVLogic products for Greece

This is another great collaboration of PTS with respect to the high quality and large family of TVLogic products.

TVLogic maintains a leader position in designing, manufacturing and developing high quality HD equipment for the Digital TV industry and professional Video. The company’s founder has a long history in studies and development of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS). With his extensive experience in demanding television, HD Video and his dedication with real passion to practicality, he created TVLogic to provide high quality products in global market.

TVlogic was founded in 2002, with vision of truly affordable high quality products, manufactured according to the technological core. Under the entrepreneurial leadership of President Kyoungkook Lee, the Company developed to a major manufacturer of television industry, with an expanding customer base that includes many major broadcasters, among whom are: BBC, KBS, SBS, MBC, Al Zazeera, NBC, ESPN, SWR, VRT, Astana Media Center in Kazakstan and others.




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