Quantel launches Pablo Rio 2KO

At IBC 2013 Quantel launched a new addition to the Pablo Rio family – Pablo Rio 2KO.

Pablo Rio 2KO runs on a lower cost PC platform, and provides all the tools, quality and in-the-box workflow of Pablo Rio. As with all Pablo Rio models, Pablo Rio 2KO is available as a turnkey system including storage, video I/O and the full Pablo Rio toolset, or as software only to run on the customer’s own hardware.

Despite its lower cost platform, Pablo Rio 2KO is no slouch. It handles 4K camera formats, includes full Stereo3D capabilities and delivers 2K and HD S3D output in realtime. It is fully compatible with both the Neo and Neo Nano color control panels to deliver grading-suite client interactivity and handles all the digital capture and file formats announced this year (and at IBC) for Pablo Rio.

“Many post houses and broadcasters are excited by the power, quality and capability of Pablo Rio but they don’t require its top-end 4K capabilities,” said Quantel Sales Director, Martin Mulligan. “Pablo Rio 2KO is the perfect answer for them, delivering all the tools, interactivity and workflow advantages they admire but optimised for mainstream HD, S3D and 2K needs in a package that will meet their budget expectations.”

Pablo Rio 2KO turnkey systems will be available in October 2013, software-only before the end of the year.






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