Quantel launches QTube InterSite

At IBC 2013 Quantel launched QTube InterSite – the first deliverable from the revolutionQ project – enabling media to be edited from anywhere and published to anywhere, instantly. With QTube InterSite, users can search and browse media across local and remote sQ servers and build it into a single timeline which can then be published either locally or to a remote sQ server. QTube InterSite handles all the media streaming and movement automatically and entirely transparently to the user.

QTube InterSite offers Quantel users the ability to produce higher quality packages in a shorter timescale, because users have instant access to all content across the federation. Even content that is still being ingested at one site can be accessed instantly at every other site; there is no waiting with QTube InterSite.

QTube InterSite is a stream-based workflow. Users view and make creative decisions on low bitrate streams and the published result is just metadata: a recipe. QTube InterSite then automatically moves the high bitrate ingredients between sites so the result is available for playout at the right location. Only the frames used need to be moved, maximizing network efficiency and minimising time to air – two key benefits of stream-based workflows. QTube InterSite will be delivered to the first customers in October 2013.

“The revolutionQ project is a huge undertaking – as its name implies,” said Ray Cross, Quantel CEO. “But the benefits of our investment in it are now beginning to flow. QTube InterSite will give our Enterprise sQ customers a massive advantage in the race to get breaking news and sports stories to air ahead of their competitors, and the quality and depth of content they can deliver will be greatly enhanced too.”





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