Revolutionary Motion Effect Camera PS-Cam X35 Is Available To The Market

In the transition to digital occurred a barrier that limited the possibilities of the visual language: Digital Cinematography Cameras did not support fast frame rates AND crisp image quality for the flexible use of standard, slow and fast frame rates with one camera, so far. Usually the use of special frame rates, especially their flexible daily use, is out of budget of most productions. The smart design of the brand new PS-Cam X35 breaks down this barrier because it is the first film-style Digital Cinematography Camera made for the DAILY creative use of various kinds of special speed and motion effects:

–          slow motion
–          fast motion
–          ramped motion
–          time lapse motion

With its unique set of features making motion effects easy to produce, the PS-Cam X35 is a combination of a sync sound AND a motion effects camera providing additional frame rates all of the way up to 450 fps – a 2 in 1 camera. So, firstly, the PS-Cam X35 is a proper all-purpose sync sound camera with a 35mm-sized CMOS imager and a global shutter. Secondly, it’s also an exciting alternative for crews and producers who want to make the leap from film to digital as seamlessly as possible while having motion effects capability with their main camera package at their fingertips. Thus, it’s an all-purpose motion effects camera with daily workhorse capability due to the following unique combination of features:

–          2 in 1 sync sound and high speed camera
–          1 – 450 fps
–          Perfect tool for all kinds of motion effects (slow motion, fast motion, ramped motion and time lapse motion)
–          Global Shutter for enhanced motion capture capability
–          640 ASA base sensitivity
–          11 T-stops latitude

The onboard memory is 18 GB and allows recording of more than 4 min in normal speed (9 GB or 36 GB memory options planned). The standard switchable HD-SDI interface in 1,5G & 3G allows the integration into existing HD infrastructures and ensures operating existing and future-proofed HD-SDI recorders on the market. The compatibility to third party products allows combining the camera with a wide range of accessories.

These features make the PS-Cam X35 a motion effect working horse with slow motion capability for flexible application in

–          Fiction, Feature, TV Drama
–          Commercial, Sports
–          Documentary, Wildlife
–          Music Clip
–          Corporate

With the PS-Cam X35 the production’s the Director of Photography can provide the Director with motion effects footage without the additional costs of renting a separate high-speed camera package and the attendant technician required to use the camera. This opens a whole universe of visual motion effects for flexible and emotional story telling. Using motion effects techniques as artistic devices allow steering the audience’s dramaturgical perception. Different speed rates create different emotions. E.g. at around 300fps to 450fps every human action appears smooth and astounding e.g. in sports, documentary, wildlife and feature. So the PS-Cam X35’s range of motion effects gives narrative filmmakers the ability to interact with speed rates and the freedom to tell the nuances of a story with the confidence that all of their ideas are being captured. That’s why it is a really ‘inspirational tool’ and a true all-purpose camera, indeed.

Price Information

The PS-Cam X35 is available from Euro 58k. For a detailed offer please contact P+S TECHNIK Sales staff or your local reseller.





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