Ross Video at IBC 2012

Ross Video announces its new Robotics Division, Virtual Set and Augmented Reality, Social Media management solution and video play out servers.  
Ross Robotics
Ross Video’s recent venture into robotics brings a new product line to Ross Stand 9.C10 at IBC 2012. The Ross Robotics division features two distinct lines of robotic camera systems: the Furio track based Robotic Camera Systems and the CamBot Roaming Pedestal Series.

Furio Robotic Camera Systems use a unique absolute positioning system and rail based tracking along with lift and PTZ head making it ideally suited to automated studios as well as virtual set and augmented reality applications. The Furio system enables producers and directors to deliver original and more captivating content – in a reliable, cost-effective and risk-free manner.

The CamBot Series leads the way in studio camera automation technology. Robust, durable and precise studio – CamBot is distinguished by its ability to accept industry-leading payloads of up to 200 pounds on the 700 Series pedestals.

The Robotics family works seamlessly with Ross’ existing products including OverDrive Automated Production Control System, Vision Production Switchers and XPression Graphics to offer a complete virtual set / augmented reality solution.

Virtual Set and Augmented Reality
At this IBC 2012, Ross will showcase a fully integrated virtual set and augmented reality solution using all Ross technology.  A live newscast will be produced every half hour demonstrating how with a single operator and talent can efficiently deliver a highly sophisticated virtual production.  The solution combines Ross’ Furio Robotic Camera System with dynamic, tracked on-air moves; XPression 3D Graphics Platform generating virtual set, production graphics and a live ticker with social media integration via Ross Inception; and Vision production switcher keying and mixing video, all being automated with the OverDrive Automated Production System.

Inception Social Media Management System
Ross simplifies social media content management for broadcasters with the introduction of Inception. Inception provides a professional suite of tools to create, schedule, broadcast and manage media content in and out of newsrooms and promotions departments.

The Inception café on the Ross stand is a place for visitors to try out the system from web or mobile applications to dynamically publish news and promotional content to popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook, YouTube and Brightcove. Inception makes television ‘social’ by providing a connection and management system to pull Tweets and Facebook posts to on air graphics systems.  Inception allows these feeds to be moderated, filters black listed words and routes to on air graphics channels for tickers and audience participation.

BlackStorm Video Servers
BlackStorm is a production-oriented playout server designed to playback clips and graphics in a live environment.   It has a unique production playlist, with clip transitions and end of clips actions.  File-based workflows are made easy with native Quicktime file wrapper (.mov) and DV series codec support.  Final Cut Pro, the Adobe CS6 and Avid Media Composer are able to directly produce content playable in the system.  BlackStorm is software based and uses standard off the shelf hardware.




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