Rotolight unveils ANOVA

A revolution is taking place in lighting for the Film , Broadcast and Photographic industries and once again Rotolight are leading the way in Eco-Friendly innovation in LED lighting technology, with the launch of their new ANOVA LED EcoFlood, the world’s most advanced LED Floodlight.

Building on the reputation of excellence that has established Rotolight products worldwide, professionals and consumers have grown to love the superb quality of light, colour accuracy, portability, ease of use and affordability of the ‘On Camera’ RL48 LED Ringlight. Used widely in Feature Films, Broadcast Video and Photography the RL48 has revolutionized the way people work with light, particularly the HD-DSLR market where now one light can be used for both Photographic and Cinematographic image capture, previously impossible with traditional flash systems.  Rotolight LED systems deliver full spectrum, true ‘Continuous Light’ with studio accurate colour, unlike most other PWM based LED lights.  Typically, users fall in love with the Rotolight ‘RingLight’ effect which delivers a super-soft, wide shadowless light that is perfect for portraiture or  interview lighting.

April 2012 sees the launch of the Rotolight ANOVA, packed with revolutionary ‘never before seen’ technologies, yet remains both easy to use and environmentally friendly. The Anova is a computer controlled Bi-Colour LED EcoFlood, which delivers 1000 Watt (tungsten equivalent) Output, with a 110 degree super-wide floodlight. ANOVA can accurately reproduce any colour of white light from candlelight through to full daylight (3150kelvin to 6300Kelvin) and uniquely features a super-wide 110 degree beam angle that eliminates hard shadows and hotspots with a gorgeous soft, shadowless light output and signature “Ringlight” effect. Weighing in at just 2.6Kg it is highly portable and with only 38 watts of power consumption, ANOVA is 93% more efficient than traditional tungsten lighting. Great in both Studio and location environments, the Anova is highly portable, and is equipped with a V-lock plate for battery operation delivering 3 hours at 100% power, making it ideal for the location shoot.

Rotolight Anova is the world’s first LED light to have iPhone/iPad remote control. Users can control ANOVA locally, or via wired DMX, but now, thanks to the built in Wifi and Rotolight’s patented “Magic Eye” APP technology, it is possible to use an iPhone or iPad to wireless remote control both brightness, and  colour temperature, across multiple lights, store and recall scenes with transitions, even remote control third party lights via DMX Master Mode.  Incredibly, using the camera in the iPhone or iPad, ANOVA can ‘See and measure’ both colour and brightness.  With the Magic Eye APP users will have the ability to accurately sample both colour temperature and intensity, wirelessly transmit and recall settings across the world to ANOVA, enabling replication of lighting conditions from Location to Studio, or accurately tracking changing light conditions on a shoot.




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