SGT Acquires Vivesta

SGT announced that on February 15, 2011, it acquired Vivesta, a Netherlands-located specialist for workflow-based media solutions for TV, VOD, IPTV, and mobile TV services.

Vivesta´s product line MediaFlow, for Media Asset Management, Playout Automation and VOD solutions, will continue to evolve and be supported.

The main strategic direction of development for SGT in the coming years is to combine TV, IPTV, and VOD technologies, which will open up tremendous opportunities.

The two product suites are highly complementary. With a larger and more comprehensive product offering, the combined entity SGT-Vivesta will be able to significantly expand its market reach:
• SGT´s VEDA software suite for workflow automation is an innovative solution for video content management (MAM) and linear and non-linear playout automation. VEDA is based on Microsoft technology and mainly addresses high-end markets.
• With MediaFlow, Vivesta offers a play automation, a media asset management and media business management solution for TV channels and VOD. MediaFlow is based on Linux and open source (LAMP stack) technologies and is primarily targeting mid/upper-range markets.

In order to ensure strong investment protection for existing clients, the two product lines will continue to evolve and to be supported. The combined and optimized linear TV and VOD solutions will enable clients to maximize their revenues from the content.

The brands of SGT and Vivesta remain unchanged. Vivesta´s management and all employees will continue to be part of the team and all three sites, two in France and one in the Netherlands will be maintained to be close to the customers. SGT and Vivesta will share a booth at NAB (Las Vegas), IBC (Amsterdam) and Natexpo (Moscow).





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