Sharp to release the world’s first 8K TV

Sharp Corporation has announced an 85-inch 8K television that will go on sale for $133,000 in October. The ultra-high definition TV will be made available commercially, but is more likely to be used by businesses to test 8K technology and media before it officially rolls out.

The official press release is in Japanese, but BBCcovered the news. The move from Sharp Corporation comes at a time when the world is still getting used to 4K TVs. Sharp clearly wants to be seen as an innovator in the industry, and the merits of an 8K TV (or even a 4K TV) at this time are debatable. The advanced technology is widely expected to be beyond customers, although it may have practical applications in a business setting.


Sharp’s ultra-HD TV allows users to watch 8K content by connecting the source material through all four of its HDMI 2.0 ports at the same time, with each unit providing 3,840 x 2,160 Ultra HD resolution. This is the alternative to the TV’s built-in tuner, which cannot receive 8K broadcasts due to technological restraints.

The 8K television sports 7680 x 4320 pixels, which are sixteen times the pixels found on a 1080p HD video, and provides 104 ppi (pixel per inch) video, so detailed that it can even give off a 3D effect. The TV’s picture is so detailed that each frame provides ultra-HD images equivalent to a 33.2 megapixel picture. The TV has a 176-degree viewing angle that allows users to view the content almost from the side as well, and the 100,000:1 contrast ratio adds considerably to the picture quality.

That said, Sharp’s new TV, the LV-85001, will provide rich content that is not even being produced currently. Japanese broadcaster NHK streamed 8K content at last year’s soccer World Cup in Brazil, and has announced plans to broadcast 8K content through satellites. After the World Cup, the broadcasters are targeting the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo as a possible way of introducing the world to 8K content. They hope to launch 8K normal television broadcasts by 2020 as well.


Overall though, it appears very likely that Sharp will target businesses first. Customers looking to shop in the luxury segment might buy the 8K Smart TV, but customers might think that the $133,000 price tag is expected to be attached to luxury or sports cars, not TVs. Businesses might benefit from the extremely sharp graphics one way or another, and the screens might be particularly good in hospitals, but Sharp cannot just target those institutions.

With the lack of open availability of even 4K content, Sharp might have introduced the television too soon. The move appears to be aimed at giving the company bragging rights about its first-mover advantage more than anything else, although there is no advantage to be had for at least a year. As developers get used to creating 4K content and move on to 8K, Sharp might benefit from the move in the long run.

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