SIGMA Radio TV Launches PROVYS Broadcast Management System

Sigma Television, the successful national free-to-air broadcaster in Cyprus launches PROVYS – one of the World’s smartest traffic and air-time sales software systems. Based on their great experience with PROVYS in the affiliated Greek station Star Channel, Sigma has decided to implement PROVYS to cover advertisement time sales, programme planning, rights management and a programme library. These areas were essentials of a turnkey project awarded to the Greek system integrator, Telmaco.

“When I saw PROVYS for the first time, I was pretty amazed by the range of features” says Andreas Demetriades, IT Manager at Sigma Radio TV Limited, and continues: “I saw two major issues that helped us in deciding over the other known options we were looking at. Firstly, the fact that in the standard version, it covers more possibilities than we can foresee today and gives us peace of mind for the future. Secondly, we needed a strong tool to replace our former air-time sales application. Such a kind of task requires really experienced people for implementation and training. As we expected, PROVYS sent qualified professionals not only to complete the project but also to help our people get familiar with this new extensive tool.”

The whole project was initiated by Sigma’s relocation to a new building. Telmaco’s services included infrastructure design, equipment supply and integration of some existing equipment, installation, workflow design, commissioning and training. The systems comprised two production studio control rooms, a new continuity studio, newsroom and news editing, archive and PROVYS Channel Management System.

“The most satisfied users in Sigma are probably the sales department guys” says Lenka Vasicova, PROVYS Consultant responsible for on-site commissioning. “They obviously appreciate the time saved by using our application at both Sigma TV and all radio channels. On the other hand, the programme planners were used to preparing schedules in Excel, which means loose rules and possible errors. PROVYS not only eliminates these errors, but introduces well defined workflows related to acquisition and the programme library. This feature naturally requires an accurate data input and a high level of the operator’s responsibility.”

Telmaco, as an experienced integrator, paid special attention to the system design. The highest priority was given to the latest technology whilst keeping a standard broadcast industry approach, allowing any qualified broadcasting staff to quickly familiarise themselves with the system and operate it instantly. “I see the beauty of PROVYS in its workflow oriented design. It automatically reminds the users to fulfil their tasks when these are about to be needed” says Drossos Kyriazis, Telmaco’s General Director of Sales and Marketing.





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