Snell Debuts Kahuna 360 Features That Automate Key Processing and Control Tasks

Snell showcased two new features for the Kahuna 360 production switcher platform that automate key processing, interfacing, and control tasks, thereby giving operators more time to focus on the creative side of production.

The new Source Safe technology ensures that any Kahuna 360 input can be safely integrated into a production, and Galaxy Event List enables Kahuna 360 to drive third-party devices in performing a set series of routine production operations. Both features make their debut at Snell’s NAB booth N1820.

“Kahuna 360 provides unparalleled flexibility in live production, and both Source Safe and Galaxy Event List enhance that flexibility by automating mundane yet critical tasks within the broadcast production workflow,” said John Carter, product manager for production switchers at Snell. “Eliminating the need for manual configuration of format conversion processes and reducing the time required to set up and trigger event series, these new features increase the time that switcher operators can dedicate to more artistic aspects of live production.”

Snell’s new Source Safe automatically senses a signal on a Kahuna 360 input and sets up the correct processing without the need for operator or engineering intervention. With this capability, the system can detect the source format of signals coming through the plant to production and ensure that they can be brought smoothly into the workflow and safely taken to air. Addressing all variety of formats up to 1080p, Source Safe addresses both the current and future format requirements of production. The new feature enables the integration of SD content into HD programming, and also allows operators to mix progressive and interlaced material effortlessly and with confidence.

The new Galaxy Event List works with Kahuna 360’s third-party device control protocols to allow automation of mundane “rinse-and-repeat” tasks, which in turn, gives operators more time for other aspects of a production. When, for example, a program or genre has a particular look and feel requiring a set series of repetitive interventions, operators can use Galaxy Event List to set these up in advance. During production, Kahuna 360 leverages third-party device control to trigger a specific sequence of actions by equipment including servers, VTRs, multiviewers, graphics systems, robotic cameras, and lighting controls. With these routine tasks handled through Galaxy Event List, the Kahuna 360 operator can spend less time setting up transitions and more time on making the elements between them more engaging.




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