Sony’s New Wireless Solution Offers High-Quality Live Streaming at Low Cost

In its ongoing efforts to develop efficient, file-based wireless workflows supporting the requirements of news production, Sony’s NAB exhibit will highlight camcorders with built-in wireless capabilities, and wireless adapters that can relay video and audio directly from field locations via 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

“Customers need a fast and direct way to stream content in a cost-effective manner,” said Alex Rossi, product marketing manager, Sony’s Professional Solutions Americas group. “Using Sony’s new PWS-100RX1, broadcasters can now easily and efficiently transmit audio and video from on-locations shoots with the immediacy needed for live news.”

The PWS-100RX1 is compatible with Sony XDCAM camcorders currently used by broadcasters throughout the world, and is very simple to connect and set up. The PWS-100RX1 is equipped with SDI outputs for concurrent dual video streams. Systems can also be easily extended by adding more PWS-100RX1 units, allowing for multi-site broadcasts and greater input/output loads.

By eliminating prohibitive cost and resource constraints, the PWS-100RX1 opens up many new opportunities for live streams used in various types of TV productions.

PWS-100RX1 Network RX Station

The PWS-100RX1 network RX system comes with pre-installed Connection Control Manager software to enable easy connection to camcorders as well as routing to SDI outputs, and it delivers efficient handling of live video streams received via 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and wired connections. Connection Control Manager features a comprehensive GUI that can be used to view thumbnails from multiple camcorders; to control camcorder connections, transmission bit rates and latency settings; to monitor output from multiple PWS-100RX1 units, and more.

The unit includes reference signal and timecode input connectors which enable synchronized operation with broadcast systems. In addition, it can output in a variety of broadcast formats – including 1080i and 720p.

Sony is also developing a version upgrade for receiving video files that will enhance workflow efficiency for program productions and is targeted to be released in fall 2015.

  • Sony’s Unique QoS Technology

Packet loss during streaming can degrade image quality and cause images to freeze or disrupt the audio. This is minimized by Sony’s unique QoS (Quality of Service) technology, which helps to maintain video and audio integrity during transmissions.

The PWS-100RX1 comes with original Sony algorithms that automatically adjust bandwidths and buffer sizes to match the characteristics of the wireless transmission..

The PWS-100RX1 includes these features of Sony’s QoS Technology:

  • Real-time ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request)
  • Adaptive Rate Control (ARC)
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Cost Efficient Live Streaming for Many Programs

Sony’s wireless streaming solutions can be implemented starting with a camcorder, a 4G/LTE connection or Wi-Fi dongle and a network RX Station, PWS-100RX1, located at the broadcast station and the SNG/OB vans.


  • Wireless Adapters Support Live Streaming

Sony’s CBK-WA100 and CBK-WA101 wireless adapters are scheduled for a firmware upgrade in June 2015, which will add live streaming capabilities when used together with the PWS-100RX1.

  • Growing Line-up of Camcorders with Built-in Wireless Capability

Sony’s PXW-X180(*1), PXW-X200(*2), and PXW-X500(*3)camcorders are already equipped with built-in wireless capability and recent upgrades enable live streaming,. Operators will be able to check the status of PWS-100RX1 connections directly from the camcorders’ viewfinders for more efficient operation.



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