Sony Professional announces revolutionary OPSIGATE content management and delivery system

Sony Professional announced the European launch of OPSIGATE at Integrated Solution Europe 2011 show, a comprehensive web-based content management and delivery system that enables businesses to organise and distribute various forms of digital content from a single database.

Audio and visual content, paper documents and PC data files, all hold valuable information, however, integrating them into a single database and managing that effectively has always been a complicated procedure, requiring special skills and storage space. The OPSIGATE solution has been developed to simplify and optimise the use of multi-media content, designed to make database management and distribution straightforward. It also enables registered users to access, view and stream over IP stored content directly on their web browser from any location.

The business-to-business (B2B) industry has never had a standard, effective method to deliver internal and external communications, such as training information, seminar presentations, video lessons and announcements. Vertical sectors in particular, including the corporate environment, education and medical sectors, struggle managing and sending large data files, creating time and cost challenges to their businesses. FCCN’s project manager, Mr. Claudio Silva, the first European customer of the OPSIGATE system, said, “Our company communicates to many domestic and overseas universities but we’ve often struggled to share video and other large documents to them simply and easily, which has resulted in cost implications for us. In using the OPSIGATE system effectively, we and our partners (universities and other research laboratories) manage and share our digital content from anywhere simply using a standard web browser and distribute as and when we want. With OPSIGATE, we are also able to give support to video classes from universities.” FCCN is the Portuguese National Research and Education Network managers.


Akihisa Obara, Business Head of OPSIGATE from Sony Professional Europe, said, “Thanks to the wide-spread use and technological advancement of the Internet and web 2.0 applications, the use of and distribution of content as a means of communication and mash up with other portals is becoming more and more popular. In addition, Social Network Service for B2B is not still established solution yet. OPSIGATE meets this demand by storing and delivering content in a manageable and user-friendly way. Sony Professional is paving the way for a new age of communication and the OPSIGATE solution revolutionises the way information assets are handled.”

OPSIGATE works by keeping the original file format of all content unchanged and content metadata can be used to aid search operations. Plus, low-resolution proxy data is automatically created at the time of video-file registration, enabling quick and easy content preview. The stored content can be accessed and viewed via a web browser based CE devices, making it possible to share and view various information without the need to install additional client software. As a result, the OPSIGATE solution offers an effective way to handle any information asset.




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