Space saving T&M with a twist from Hamlet

Acknowledging that many broadcast installations need high quality test and measurement in the machine room but are reluctant to give up valuable rack space to large monitors, Hamlet has developed the simple, elegant solution. The new DigiScope DS900G is a multi-format measurement device with integral monitoring – the twist is that the electronics take up just 1U of rack space with a high resolution 7 inch IPS monitor on a gooseneck for easy positioning.


The electronics take up half the 1U cabinet, with the 7” in-plane switching display mounted on the other half of the panel. But because the screen is on a gooseneck, it can be turned to any angle to suit the mode of operation. The device could be mounted at the top of the rack, for example, with the screen tilted down for ease of viewing. Not only does the DS900G take up a fraction of the rack space, it allows systems engineers to position it around existing equipment rather than worrying about ensuring it is visible.

The low-power DigiScope DS900G accepts up to six Hamlet 900 series modules. These are built on a bespoke digital platform developed by Hamlet to ensure consistent, high-precision signal test and measurement through the lifecycle of the product. Modules, which can be freely mixed in a single chassis, include analogue and digital input, SD, HD and 3G with looping SDI connections, and up to 16 channels of AES audio. Some modules include the ability to generate EYE displays and precision test signals. Measurements include all common video and audio tests, including the eye pattern display to visually determine the robustness of a digital signal.

With the built-in multi-viewer, users can tile up to four inputs, then within each input look at the required displays. As well as the 7” display which is part of the DigiScope DS900G, the output can also be fed to any DVI or XVGA screen. Set-up is by touchscreen displays on the main processing unit. 

This is the regional debut for the DigiScope DS900G. Visitors can see it, and the rest of the award winning Hamlet range, at stand 9.D10.




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