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The Foundry and Luxology Join Forces

Leading visual effects software developer, The Foundry, has today announced a merger with US-based technology company, Luxology LLC, for an undisclosed sum. The Foundry’s portfolio of VFX software includes Sci-Tech Award® winning technology and is used to create breathtaking effects sequences on a wide range of features, television projects and commercials. High profile examples include …

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Luxology Ships NPR Kit for modo

Sometimes photoreal is too real. Artists need options, clients want choices, and ideas rarely fit under one umbrella. Today, freedom can be found in Luxology’s NPR Kit for modo – a non-photorealistic rendering package that allows expressive, hand-drawn looks and animations to be achieved in 3D renderings. With this new all-in-one kit, modo 601® users …

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Luxology Ships modo 501 Rigging Master Course

Instructor Rich Hurrey, in the first installment of Luxology’s new professional training series, teaches users the skills necessary to create production-ready animation rigs in modo 501. The modo 501 Rigging Master Course includes 26 hours of video training housed in an interactive framework that goes into the most depth that Luxology has ever offered on …

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Luxology Announces recoil Plug-in for Rigid Body Dynamics in modo 501

Luxology LLC announced the availability of recoil, a new plug-in for modo 501 that accurately simulates dynamic rigid body interactions. Based on the popular open source Bullet physics engine, which is used extensively within the games and film industries, recoil realistically simulates dynamic forces and calculates accurate collisions between objects, allowing users to quickly create …

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Luxology Ships modo for SolidWorks Kit

For years, SolidWorks  users have been achieving stunning photorealistic images of their designs by leveraging the PhotoView 360 application, built with Luxology rendering technology. Luxology is excited to announce a new tool that facilitates the use of the company’s award-winning modo software for advanced visualization by SolidWorks users The new modo for SolidWorks Kit simplifies …

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