Tandberg Data Announces Industry’s First LTO-6 Half Height External Tape Drive

Tandberg Data announced the availability of the industry’s first LTO-6 Half Height (HH) Fibre Channel (FC) external desktop tape drive, capable of backing up 6.25TB* of data on a single cartridge. The new LTO-6 HH FC tape drive is particularly well suited for media, entertainment, broadcasting and imaging applications because it provides a highly cost-effective means of storing large video files, managing workflow within the production environment and simplifying archiving tasks.

For Mac® users, the LTO-6 HH FC tape drive delivers fast, portable backup and archiving when used with a Fibre Channel-to-Thunderbolt® bridge solution. The LTFS (Linear Tape File System) feature permits users to quickly access and share large files of digital assets. With the LTO-6 HH FC tape drive, for example, an hour of HD video (500GB) can be transferred in less than 50 minutes.

“LTO technology is known as the industry workhorse for affordable, reliable and robust data archiving and data preservation applications,” said Graham Paterson, EMEA senior vice president for Tandberg Data. “With Tandberg Data’s new LTO-6 HH FC external tape drive, even more users can take advantage of the technology, and Mac customers will especially appreciate the speed and portability of LTO tape for data transfer and off-site archival purposes.”

Quick Look: Tandberg Data LTO-6 HH FC External Tape Drive Features

  • Capacity: 2.5TB/ 6.25TB (native/compressed)
  • Performance up to 1.4TB/Hr (compressed)
  • Low media costs – less than $.02/GB per cartridge
  • 30-year archive life
  • Future proof with eight-generation roadmap
  • LTFS (Linear Tape File System) support for Mac, Linux & Windows
  • AES 256-bit hardware encryption
  • Backward write compatible one generation/read compatible two generations
  • Three year Advanced Replacement Service warrranty

“The role of tape has shifted from pure backup to archive and data management,” said Simon Anderson, Tandberg Data tape product manager. “LTO tape offers the only long-term solution for managing data growth and reducing the cost of storage. Tape is the last line of defense in a comprehensive data protection strategy, and is even being deployed by well-known cloud providers that use the technology to safeguard their customers’ data.

“This ongoing reliance on tape is why Tandberg Data remains committed to providing tape innovations, such as the new LTO-6 HH FC external tape drive,” he added.

The LTO-6 HH FC external tape drive is available now through Tandberg Data’s established channel of global distributors and resellers. MSRP pricing for the LTO-6 HH FC external tape drive is $3,499.00, and MSRP pricing for LTO-6 media is $99.00.

*Compression ratio of 2.5:1.






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