Telestream Acquires Captioning Leader CPC

Telestream announced that it has completed the acquisition of leading U.S. captioning software company, CPC. The acquisition adds CPC’s award-winning products to Telestream’s offerings. It also brings deep expertise in captioning, which will benefit the company’s current and long term product strategies. Telestream’s transcoding, workflow automation, live streaming and web publishing products will all benefit from the addition of CPC’s technology and market leadership.

“CPC is a recognized leader in captioning for television and the Web, whose customers include media and entertainment companies, educational institutions, and houses of worship,” said Dan Castles, CEO at Telestream. “Our customers at all levels need tools to author and distribute captioning in a more integrated way. This is a natural extension of what we do, and we look forward to integrating CPC’s world-class technology into all of our products.”

Content producers and distributors are all facing increasing demands to caption their content for broadcast, web and mobile distribution. Regulations throughout the world – such as the Twenty-First Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act in the U.S. – are mandating captioning of content for today’s growing number of viewing platforms.

“Closed Captioning services are no longer relegated just to the linear television broadcast,” observes Ken Brady, SVP Media Technology and Operations at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. “Our content is consumed on mobile, broadcast, and broadband, and we constantly strive to make our captioning services available and accessible on any medium our viewers choose. Turner both creates and welcomes innovation in this important segment of our viewership.”

The acquisition adds best-in-class products to Telestream’s worldwide business: MacCaption for the Mac and CaptionMaker for Windows. The addition of CPC’s team grows Telestream’s dedicated group of experts focused on creating solutions for tomorrow’s media. Further, Telestream brings its broad sales distribution and support and the ability for CPC products to scale more rapidly within current and new markets.

CPC has been a captioning industry leader since 1986. Formerly based in Rockville, Maryland, the company relocated this week to Telestream’s east coast office in Sterling Virginia. CPC offers the most advanced closed captioning software currently available to organizations worldwide. In July 2012, CPC received the prestigious Accessibility Award at the National Association of the Deaf Conference.






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